Stories of Migration

Stories of Migration is an interactive theatrical production that explores thematic and narrative connections between past and present migration stories in the Shoreline and Lake Forest Park community. Set 100 years in the future, Stories of Migration explores how future generations will perceive and interpret past and present migration stories.

Awe and Wonder

Awe and Wonder: A Journey Into Extraordinary Lives is a journalistic/documentary exploration of ordinary people doing extraordinary things locally, nationally, and globally. This project is ongoing with feature articles published in various outlets. Eventually all stories will be compiled into a book and/or audio/visual document.

Rent Hike

Rent Hike is a game that explores life as a renter in Seattle, teaches landlord/tenant law, and uncovers the pitfalls of living in a gentrifying city. This game is currently in development but there is a downloadable PC version of the game's first iteration under the games tab of this site.