Q2 2019 Career Update


Multidisciplinary Artist — Merging Story, Games, and Social Practice


Hello everyone! I’m finally sending out an update about the latest happenings in my artistic practice. If you’re receiving this email I’ve probably met you at some point or at some event in the past. Whether I’m working as a journalist, novelist, playwright, game developer, or creating experiential events for community, I’m connecting to amazing people so that’s why you’re receiving this email.  Below are just a few of my updates:


AWARDED: 4Culture Creative Consultancies 


After nearly a year of work, I was finally awarded the 4Culture Creative Consultancies for my Stories of Migration project.


Stories of Migration is an interactive theatrical production that explores thematic and narrative connections between past and present migration stories in the Shoreline and Lake Forest Park community. Set 100 years in the future, Stories of Migration explores how future generations will perceive and interpret past and present migration stories.


I am collaborating with Shoreline-Lake Forest Arts Council and Shoreline Historical Museum to bring this project into fruition. Expect the interactive theatrical production in June 2020.


P.S. I’m also hoping to incorporate an XR component into this project.


LIT (Learning Immersive Technology) Arts Corps and Reel Grrls Collaboration


As some of you know, I participated in the FutureFounders VR fellowship which was launched by the City of Seattle Department of Economic Development, SIXR, Chronos Global Academy, and Floodgate Academy.   After that fellowship, I began working with Arts Corps and Reel Grrls’ LIT program teaching young people how to develop games for VR.


At the end of the program our teen interns presented their projects at Create33, Oculus, and Northwest Film forum where they received feedback from technology industry professionals working in the VR/AR space. It was amazing!


Here is a short documentary about what we did at LIT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxf54IFELWw&feature=youtu.be


Climate Utopia VR and Games For Our Future Game Jam


In May, I partnered with Daniel of Banging Rocks at the Games For Our Future Game Jam to create the VR demo “Climate Utopia” which won an award for Theme. I created the Story and worked as the Project Lead. Daniel worked as the programmer. We also included Nabanita, Tim (Music), and Geoffrey (3D design). After the jam we connected with Maia, a very talented architect, who built out the future city for our game. Here’s a link to her article about the experience: https://medium.com/@MaiaGilman/village-of-the-future-climate-utopia-aa028f59424b