Rent Hike

A Game About Surviving The Seattle Housing Crisis

Rent Hike is a game that explores life as a renter in Seattle, teaches landlord/tenant law, and uncovers the pitfalls of living in a gentrifying city.

Download the game prototype. (PC Only)

Rent Hike uses a multiple layer system of cause/effect, scenarios with a choice/outcome dynamic, while also measuring player/character emotional states. This is very difficult to explain so we’ve included an Excel worksheet to show how our system works. Please take a peek. Don’t have excel? Download a viewer for free?

Writing Assets and Game Logic (Excel Download)

Watch a short video game playthru.

Watch interview w/ Game Developer & Writer.

Watch interview with game prototype team.

Recommendation From Tenants’ Rights Activist.

Read Beverly Aarons’ creative writing samples.

See our programmer’s resume (Connie Yau).

See our visual artist’s resume (Amy Sterling).